From the album The Well Traveled Unknown


Every day is a battlefield of lies
We’re soldiers and our hearts the prize
The man keeps shooting up our souls
And the only remedy is more and more

Can’t be happy without the newest thing
Can’t call it love without a diamond ring
Can’t keep control from spinning
There’s a better way to know when we’re winning

When our hearts are hurt and heavy from the healing
When our backs can’t be broken, our knees don’t know kneeling
When our will is worn from all our wishing well
And we stand up for each other like the rising of the tide, saying

“All you are is enough
All you are is enough”

How do we measure our success?
By having more or wanting less?
How do we fight when they pipe the war
Right into our heads?

Turn it off and burn it down
It aint worth watchin anyhow
The price is much too high
They aint selling us a better life