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  1. 16 Summers

From the album The Well Traveled Unknown


Days are long and nights are warm
We’re playing cards, listening to the radio
These moments seem to go so fast
I wish I could make them last

Like like look on your face
When you dipped your toes into the lake
I’ll never forget the sound
Of that sprinkler running round and round

We only got 16 summers of watching stormy skies
16 summers of skinned knees and fireflies
16 summers to hold your little hand in mine
We got 16 summers, so let’s do them right.

We pop the tent, you crawl right in
I can smell the beach in your Banana Boat grin
You get your hat and fishing pole
“Are you ready Dad? Come on let’s go”

Fresh cut grass stains on all your jeans
There’s no real point in tryin to keep you clean
Instead of complaining about the mess
I should dive in the dirt with you instead

Next summer I know you’ll be asking for the keys
And every year after, you’ll be that much further from me
Let’s enjoy the sunshine while we can
And make this the best summer we ever had