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  1. Honesty

From the album The Well Traveled Unknown


I’ve started learning slowly that I’ve been a bit betrayed
That the whispers inside my head didn’t know what they were saying
It ain’t been a bed of roses that I been lyin in
No matter whether I was rested, had to face the day again

I feel like I was framed, by whatever’s in my brain
And the ones I needed most, I tried the hardest to push away
Maybe this is normal, how was I to know?
We’re so busy looking perfect, can’t let our cracks show

What I need, is some honesty
To know there’s someone out there just like me
If I knew I could speak the truth
I wouldn’t be alone and neither would you

Some days life is like lifting a candle to the sun
No matter how bright you burn, it wouldn’t matter if you were gone
But I can guarantee you, this just aint the case
There’s someone using that flame to find their way

Finding faults and flaws should be expected
With every trip round our star
There sure shouldn’t be a shred of shame projected
In being who you are