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  1. Life Unplugged

From the album The Well Traveled Unknown


I go to work several times every day
Gotta keep connected, or so they say
Cause no-one likes to wait

The little light blinks its way into my brain
Gotta check my mail to make it go away
When do I get a break?

Let me tell you a little something I figured out
Just shut it off and take a good look around

Sky’s a bit bluer, words are truer, storms are getting fewer
It’s like everything’s clearing up
I take a deep breath, fight less, and just deal with my own mess
I’ve got more time for the things I love
Livin life Unplugged

Can’t be caught in calls that I don’t take
Can’t be late for meetings that I don’t make
Can’t say that I miss them at all

If you wanna be social come on over
We’ll site by the fire and drink a cold one
I’d rather see your face than read your wall

If we wanna keep the human race on track
Maybe the best way forward is a few steps back