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  1. It's Now

From the album The Well Traveled Unknown


Let me tell you ‘bout the other day
Another one that wasn’t goin’ my way
Kind you finish with a cabernet
Like it’s goin’ out of style

Took too long to get out the door
Got a box of bills we can’t afford
The life we been waiting for
Is taking quite awhile.

Who said it’s ‘sposed to be easy?
We always make it somehow
Who said we get guarantees? Yeah
All that’s for certain is now, oh it’s now

Staring down 25 to life (in a)
Dead end job with no end in sight
Wishing anything would turn out right
It’s a decade overdue

Even when we’re feeling fine
Problems ain’t too far behind
What we seek is what we find
But that ain’t nothin’ new

All the things that ruin our day
Are the very things we’ll miss when they’ve gone away
Someday when we’re looking back
We’ll know enough to see just how much we had