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  1. Big Life

From the album The Well Traveled Unknown


My old man sat me down
On his one good knee
Said there’s some things I gotta tell you
If you got a few minutes for me

You’ve done a lot of growing up
And you’ve got a long ways to go
Take your time getting there
And take some of what I know
You can see by the memories
Sitting on my shelf
You gotta brace yourself…

It’s gonna be a big life
No such thing as a straight line
Since none of us are getting out alive
Buckle up and hold tight
It’s gonna be a wild ride
But we only get one try
Might as well be a big life

Never dream too small
Or settle for getting by
Every love will end in heartbreak
Love hard anyways and don’t ask why

The more you give, the more you have
The best things can’t be counted
Building walls is for lesser men
All the great hearts are boundless