From the album Somebody, Somewhere


Hearing 4 rings when I call on on the phone
Trying to pretend like there’s nobody home, yeah
Cause you think you’re better off alone
Watching the rain fall from grey heavy skies
Wish it would wash away the fire that’s behind your eyes
The one that’s feeding off your pride
It just gets higher, when you listen to the voices in your mind

Hey, If you could just see
Hey, if you could just see
Hey if you could just see / What I do when I’m looking right at you

You say that you never amounted to much
That you’re too far behind to ever catch up, yeah
You think you’ll never be enough

We’ve all been there, and I know how you feel
When all that we share is our own highlight reels, it seems
You’re a patch of dirt in a pasture of green
It’s what we all need, grass don’t ever grow where it’s too clean

If you could see the way, I see you every day
You make my world a much brighter place
You make me celebrate things I used to find mundane
You’re beautiful and you don’t need to change