From the album Somebody, Somewhere


Before your eyes are open You’re rushing through the morning
Half a pot of coffee And you’re out the door
A briefcase full of hot air So it looks like you care
Dressed in your finest worries In time to hit the road

Take another worn step Towards another sunset
Is your heart so heavy Or is it just your shoes?

It’s hard to tell the difference When tomorrow’s in the past tense
And you’re trying to solve puzzles Meant for two

I’ll be your light when darkness comes
I’ll be your strength when you fall down
I’ll be the wind to blow you home
So wherever you may go
You will never walk alone.

We had days sweet as honey Served on a bed of money
Where happiness Is just a purchase out of reach

We got into a pattern Of missing what mattered
The only way to break out Is if you’re here with me.

You know I’ll always be right there ready to take what you can’t bear
Everything is so much better shared
Take what we need and no more, it’s okay to be unsure
To live the life we have, not the one we wish for