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  1. Just In Case

From the album Somebody, Somewhere


6am we got up and ate breakfast side by side
I gave her a kiss to start her day, she gave me one to start mine.
Her breath swam like smoke in the winter air while she got on the bus
When I got home the house was still locked up

Everything looked the same, but nothing here felt right
I waited up as long as I could, but she didn’t come home that night
I’ve waited now for seven months and I wait up each night still
Hoping to see my little girl

Thoughts of her flood my mind and spill out on the floor
Trying to chase away the doubt coming through our front door
I can never seem to close it because she might be back someday
I’ll keep a candle in the window and leave the door open just in case.

Anything can get in when there’s so large a hole
Mocking rain on the blank pages of a story left untold
The chill wind blows and coats the room in a layer of frost
It seems everything warm in here was lost

What if she tried to come home and we had already moved on?
What if when she needed us most, we let her down?
I know that it seems crazy, if you leave too I’ll understand
But I’ll be waiting here forever, I can’t lose her again