From the album Somebody, Somewhere


It’s another heartbreaking story
there’s a new one every day
somewhere there’s blood in the street
somewhere there’s bombs in the rain

See it scroll by on the TV screen
Too far away, so I don’t know how to feel
I slam the keys, and I’m sure to share
as long as I never have to leave my chair

You can’t just send your love
It’s not good enough
There aint gonna be no intervention

You need to vote with your feet
get your body in the streets
to save us from all our good intentions

It’s hard to think I can make a difference
It’s hard to feel the wind of change
It don’t often blow me off my feet
Just blows warm across my face

What about the worn and weary
waiting for better days
With all I have, why can’t I help?
It’s easier to look away

Standing for what’s right is gonna take some standing, can’t move ahead while laying down.
Every voice is small, but also so important, every mountain is made of grains of sand