From the album Somebody, Somewhere


I remember when we got our first apartment
Didn’t have a thing to cover the 20 year old carpet
We knew then life makes no guarantees
But I still bet on you and you still bet on me.

(Every) step ahead we look behind
Wondering if we got it right
Taking chances, pursuing passions
We just let it ride
And as long as I’ve got you I’m not afraid to lose

You and I we jumped in right away with both feet
Working 4 jobs to try and make the ends meet
There were times when we were ground down to the floor
But if you’re going through hell, you gotta keep on going

You and me, more lucky than we ought
Of all the stars it was ours that were crossed

Looking out, the count of years behind increases
And we laugh as our bodies fall to pieces
We’ll look at the winding path we’ve carved
Knowing no other could have brought us to where we are