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  1. Enjoy the Ride

From the album Somebody, Somewhere


I’ve stared up at the stars a thousand times
still the scale is too much for my mind
All the light that I see
could have traveled a billion years
now a bit of that burning ball is part of me

Everything everyone has ever known
Took place on one little lump of stone
It seems so unreal
All the things I hold most dear
Are so slight no-one else knows I’m here

When we see it all
It’s hard not to feel small
Here and gone before a star can blink it’s eyes

The best of us
still no more than specks of dust
So let’s not worry about our tiny lives
and just enjoy the ride

Does it mean that nothing matters anymore?
No it makes it more precious than before
I don’t need to fight, don’t need to impose
I can’t change how the story goes
Might as well stop pretending I’m in control

If I knew my place in the cosmic design
and saw how petty all the ways I war and waste my time
Insignificantly I’d turn to see my fellow man
Another body made of stardust doing best they can