From the album Somebody, Somewhere


We wanted a place to call our own,
built a house near the edge of town
Broke our backs, worked our fingers to the bone
Sacrificed all we could to pay the loan

Years later, on a warm summer night
the skies fell and the water ran too high
It didn’t matter how hard we tried
All swept away, except you and I

Don’t wanna wait to see your face
when we were young, we had time to waste
We gave too much to things that fade away
The rest is yours, and I aint going anywhere.

I got a job, climbed rung by rung
The air got cold as I got higher from the ground
After 40 years working dusk till dawn
No-one noticed when I was gone

You stayed at home, you kept the light
you raised the kids, till they were burning bright
Now they’re off in someone else’s sky
Our rooms are large and our house is quiet.