From the album Somebody, Somewhere


It’s been a long time, since I held you in my arms
Longer still, since we dropped our facades
And I’m wrapped in cold sheets, wondering where you are
They catch the pieces of me that are breaking apart

I won’t ask you no questions, so you don’t need no alibis
But if you want to stay with me girl, look me in the eyes
And say you still need me tonight.

It’s been awhile since you wore that sweet perfume
Or your hair caught the light of a Minnesota moon
Been busy running around, fast as we can
If we were to slow down, would you still know who I am?

You’re the devil, I’m the sinner, and I’m still wrapped around your finger
I’ll do whatever you command
But if you won’t keep me warm, I’ll walk right out that door
Into the arms of someone else who can.