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  1. Empty Pack

From the album Somebody, Somewhere


There’s an old worn out pack I’ve taken round the whole world
It’s brown and it’s frayed and the straps have all curled
Every time I set out it’s full of all of my things
Every time I return it’s empty again.

When you haul too large a load
Can’t recognize yourself no more
It takes a long time to leave what aint you behind
Moving on means letting go

I thought my sunglasses would keep out the light
What’s the point of looking if the colors aint right?

I thought that my coat would keep out the cold
It just kept it in till I had someone to hold

Everything I thought I needed,
was only covering me up
Every demon I defeated
Found a way to stay in touch
Every way I been mistreated
I left somewhere on the tracks
There’s nothing like coming back
with a full heart and an empty pack