From the album Somebody, Somewhere


Late at night in a crowded bar on Main st.
In a rusty town just south of Duluth
The air was thick with the smell of sweat and whiskey
The radio’s repeating the same 4 tunes

You were shining like a neon sign in a graveyard
And I’m suddenly aware of the mud on my boots
I knew I had to find a way into your heart
Even though I didn’t know the route

‘Hey I’m alright
Cause anything could happen here tonight
Woah I’m on fire
Better to be burned than never try

I tried to get to you by my legs just wouldn’t listen
It’s like they put down roots so I was stuck in place
I remembered the last time I had this condition
It got cured quick when she laughed in my face.

I had to catch all the butterflies in my stomach
Fortune favors the brave and the bold
I hope you’re the kind who likes a lunatic
I ran the gauntlet just in time to see you go.

Later that night I saw you on the street crying
Your car had crashed 5 miles down the road
I said I’d carry you home if you were tired of walking
You flashed me a smile and said c’mon let’s go.