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  1. Take My Hand

From the album Crooked Lines


Early in the morning, when you were only 3
deep in conversation, as deep as it could be
You told me all the people you would someday be
and here’s what you told me

You’d one day be a painter, making works of art
one day be a doctor to fix a broken heart
you’d climb aboard a ship and sail around the sun
but to whoever you become, I said

Take my hand, and don’t let go.
Hold it tight, when things get rough
It may get smaller, as you grow
but it will always guide you home

Many years later, when you were 42
you came to break the news, your wife was leaving you
You didn’t know the reason, or what you could do
It was the end of all you knew
I said

and now I’m near the end at the age of 89
and you’ve been here now for days, you wouldn’t leave my side
I told you I was scared and you readied your reply
you put your hand in mine
you said

Take my hand, I won’t let go.
I’ll hold it tight, you won’t be alone
It may seem large, now that I’m grown
but it will hold you till you’re home