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  1. Headlines

From the album Crooked Lines


I learned on the news today
all the bad things that are on their way
bugs and bombs and some disease
and the ever crashing economy

later on the news that night
two religions face to fight
my home is filled with toxic fumes
and I’ll be safe if I stay tuned

The news I read is all overblown
and the seeds of fear are all that they’re sowing
If who to hate is all they have to show
Then I won’t, I won’t read their headlines….

So put down that paper and turn off that screen
It’ll rot your brain quick as you please
They don’t care about wrong or right
They just want to see their ratings high

I like the good old-fashioned way
Talk to people and hear what they say
Since what you know determines what you see
We should be more careful about what we read