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  1. I'll Carry You

From the album Crooked Lines


Sometimes...life can get you down, down so low
You can’t remember being warm, like the winter’s all you know
Like you’re lost on the ocean, without an oar
It’s hard to think about dry land when you’re busy filling holes.

I want you to know, you’ve got nothing to fear
Just call out my name, and you know I’ll be here

When the wind is raging all ‘round you and the river seems too wide
I’ll be the ship to carry you to the other side

some times...when I’m feeling let down, down hearted baby
I wonder where have all our friends gone, gone to lately?
What we don’t know, we don’t know because they won’t say
When they’re alone, they’re thinking the same thing.

You got to remember, you’re not as alone as you feel
When you’re staring at the wall, your own shadow’s all that you see
So turn around, turn around, turn around...