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  1. Sign Right Here

From the album Crooked Lines


I wanted a new start, moved to the city
where everything is fast and everyone is busy
Trying to find a way to make my name

I put in my time, worked 5 to 9
Met a few guys seemed to to be doing alright
and I asked them what it took to get to the top

All we need, is your soul in trade
You won’t use it anyways
It’s the price we all have to pay
It’ll be your favorite mistake
Just sign right here

I met a smooth man he’s some kind of agent
He knows everybody and won’t keep me waiting
I got what it takes and he’ll make me a star

He said “You want the bright lights, name on a sign
and all the little things that say you made the big time
I can make it happen for you
You just leave it to me.”

I know no good can ever come of this, I know
and the devil looks better when you got no options, I know
Well we all make sacrifice, and we all make compromise
and maybe this is mine...just show me where to sign.