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  1. The Big Score

From the album Crooked Lines


Bet ‘em high, roll ‘em low, Bet ‘em high, roll ‘em low
Let it all ride, just need to get one big score
Bet ‘em high, roll ‘em low, Bet ‘em high, roll ‘em low
Just one more roll of the dice and I’ll go.

They let me go, ‘aint gonna’ work no more today, son
I don’t care ‘cause I got plans to make my own way
I’ll lay down this paycheck and if I make the right bet
I’ll never have to work a day again...

I won a hundred dollars playing blackjack
I won a hundred more on slot machines
Then I made my way to where all the big shots play
I ain’t leaving until I got it made

3 hours in I’ve got all of my chips cashed
Playing the next round with my car keys
They say if I’m short on dough I can go and talk to Joe
Says he’ll keep me rolling till I can pay off the loan

They’re coming mmm..knock, one at the front door
knock, knock, two at the back door,
knock, knock knock, not gonna’ let you in.

They’re firing mmm....bang, one at the front door
bang, bang, two at the back door
bang, bang, bang and that one done me in.

I just tried to make the best of my sitiuation
I just wanted a change in my routine
I wish I’d never stumbled in, to that house of woe and sin
the big score didn’t work out quite so well for me

Bet ‘em high, roll ‘em low, Bet ‘em high, roll ‘em low
I let it ride, thought I could rake it in
Bet ‘em high, roll ‘em low, Bet ‘em high, roll ‘em low
The house always wins in the end.