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  1. No Regrets

From the album Crooked Lines


As I lay half asleep in the shade of an old oak tree
a voice sounded suddenly and the old oak spoke to me

Said a hundred years I stood, let me tell you what I learned
No matter how much time you’ve had, it’s not enough in the end

So take a chance, get off that fence, have no regrets

All you’re life’s ahead of you, until it ain’t, that’s the truth
Open doors will start to close, and you’ll wish you’d walked through them before

You get no gold, unless you chase a rainbow, have no regrets

I think you’ll find when the end is in your view
It’s all the things that you didn’t do, that are haunting you….

When I found myself awake with a feeling I can’t shake
Like I’m an empty cup, like I wanna be filled up.

But there’s no wine if you don’t plant a vine and have no regrets
There’ll be no wine unless I plant a vine, be no gold unless I chase a rainbow
Time to take a chance and get off that fence….have no regrets.