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  1. Best I Can

From the album Crooked Lines


There was once a time when life moved in straighter lines
I thought I knew my place, and still had time to do great things
but the more I learn, the less I know for sure

It seems I have the answers, but that is just an act
I don’t know if we’ll be alright, but say “we will” if you should ask
cause the more we grow the less I know for sure

Constantly I question my own worth
and wonder if I’ll make peace with this world
So when things get out of hand, and don’t turn out like we planned
Just remember that I’m doing the best I can….

There was once a day when we spent time in the sun
Now we’re working so much, the screen glow is close enough
The more we work, the more I wonder why

I wish there were a guiding star, but I’d settle for a map
to help us get through this life without falling through the cracks
every time I look up, we seem to lose the path

We used to laugh, we used to smile, We’ve been content, but it’s been awihile
We’re supposed to do what grows our souls, but I’m not sure what that means anymore.