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  1. Give Love

From the album Crooked Lines


You got a million things rolling round in your brain
it’s enough to make you just a little insane
and it’s hard to keep it together until the end of the day

We got 6 billion people who are feeling this way
trying to keep all our different demons at bay
but with a simple act we can make it all seem okay

Give love, Give love
You don’t need a reason, it ain’t like there’s a season to
Give love, Give love
it won’t cost you a dime, to take a little time and give love

No it’s not a miracle as you’ll soon see
Our brains are just wired electrochemically
To reward a little love with a hit of dopamine

It can be some pearly whites or just with a touch
It can be dancing with the girl you’ve been dreaming of
but this chemical release can change the world you see so much

It’s easy to lose sight of what’s important in this life
and there’s such an easy way that we can make it a better place