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  1. Crooked Line

From the album Crooked Lines


When I was a young boy, I’d walk the highland hill
Up there the busy city life seemed to stand so still.
No-one looked black or white, no-one right or wrong
I saw no sinners, I saw no saints, but there’s a bit of both in all

One step at a time, we walk a crooked line
towards a place where we all treat each other right
We will stumble, we will fall, but we’ll get there one and all
If we keep feet on that crooked line

i couldn’t tell from that height which were rich or poor
I couldn’t see what they kept behind their closed front doors
I saw a thousand people and just as many chains
after my time on Highland hill, I would never be the same

It’s hard to hate somebody when you see them from such heights
So why do we insist on on it when we can look them in the eye?

When I was a young man I’d protest my first war
the one that’s now been going for 15 years or more
We went in with our biggest guns, but didn’t quite know why
Thinking they’re not us, somehow made it seem alright.