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From the album Home in the Heartland


A path of stone cracked like broken glass leads to the door
to a house that's seen so many things it can't recall them all
how many times have those window eyes seen the sun rise or felt the rain fall?

It's known the joy of little feet tickling its floor
There's a beam that knows every inch as those children grow
It knows what it holds is more precious than gold so it keeps them safe from the cold

(With its) heart burning bright it keeps out the night and holds on tight to the laughter and the light
because it knows you need both to keep out the ghosts and make a home

it's walls have heard all the music made, and know every song
On the last chord you can hear them ring like they were singing along

Within its bones there's a story being told and it stands still and allows it to unfold

this house has many tales to tell and some that will remain untold
because inside you know, it's has humans to grow, and a million memories to mold