From the album Home in the Heartland


12 or so years ago, the guys and I had just played a show
alive in that way only stage folk know
We stayed up at least till 5 planning out our future lives
and it would have been quite a ride

We were destined for the road, no time for wives or kids in tow
we'd travel around from show to show
crowds and lights and writing tunes, we'd never have to wear a suit
and retire on the beach at 42.

but Hey It didn't work out that way
I gave up on a dream, but I'm not ashamed
between a life on the road or a family at home
there's nothing that I'd want to change.

We'd have no homes or loads of stuff, our fellowship would be enough
and the music would keep us all filled up
On tour we'd meet adoring fans and have parties in stretch limo vans
and the next day we'd do it again.

I still like music, but not too loud, I like to be home at a decent hour
and I don't really care for large crowds
I learned sometimes to let dreams go and make space for something more
and the best may yet be in store

Oh, Life ain't the same anymore
the landscape changes the more I roam
To the fields I will go to plant ideas in rows
and wait to see what will grow