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  1. Our Story

From the album Home in the Heartland


I think of all that had to be just to make you and me
in awe of the complexity of all that had to go right
Start with zero net energy, add the force of gravity,
magnetic electricity, forces strong and weak to hold tight

Expand it all in one big bang, inflate and some atoms decayed
that's how the universe became a soup of matter and light
uneven distribution meant that atoms start to clump and blend
they smashed into each other and in fusion stars ignited

All of space and time had to be aligned and in tune
with a vast and deep mystery for centuries just to be here with you

Some stars were just so immense they spent their fuel a few eras hence
and then began to condense producing supernovae
the crushing force was so intense it formed the higher elements
which then were blown into the depths in a shining blaze of glory

The gas and dust start to stick and like the flipping of a switch
a new sun and accretion disc start to form a solar system
rocks crash together and soon there's only 8 left standing
planets start to cool and then begin to find a rhythm

Because of all the water here life was able to appear
and algae made our atmosphere that paved the way for more life
First there were prokeryotes and then some plants began to grow
and fish came to join the show some grew lungs and they breathed sky

Once we had life on the land things happened rather fast
in half a billion years there's man, becoming migratory
20,000 years or so of technology and social growth
is where we are and there you go, the beginning of our story