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  1. The Minnesota Rag

From the album Home in the Heartland


Other states, just don't equate
If you think so here, let me set you straight
We don't get big fires or earthquakes
Who needs an ocean view when you got 10,000 lakes?

Autumn leaves can't be beat
We got wetlands full of tamaracks and peat
We got cows and corn, beets, beans, soy and wheat
We mine the iron ore in almost everything you see

We don't get no hurricanes, but we got wide open plains
It gets cold sometimes, but that's alright, just a good excuse to hold someone tight
We got trees and rivers too and lakes, I heard we have a few
You can't help but be taken by the sight of the northern lights under a summer sky
that's right, Minnesota's pretty nice.

We're set apart by our love for art
We got the oldest theater in the country for a start
You want classical, funk, folk, blues, rock or jazz
our music scene is really where it's at

You like to eat? you're in for a treat
There's a place in St. Paul we all like to meet
At the State Fair you can take your pick
just be warned you’re gonna get it on a stick

In the middle of the winter months you might think we'd rather be down south
but it's just not that way
when it comes to ice we got no fear, we drive our trucks on lakes up here
and we don't like to complain

So in short, it's better up north
just follow the Mississippi to the source
And you'll see you can't disagree
There's no place in this world you'd rather be