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  1. Heroes

From the album Home in the Heartland


Little Susie looks up at the sky,
she don’t need no wings, she’s figured how to fly
Always there to help wherever there’s a need.
If only the world had more heroes like these
Susie’s man seems to have it all.
Like a reed in the wind he’ll bend before he falls.
His glass ain’t half empty it’s full up to the brim, maybe we could all learn a thing or two from him

But when He’s all by himself he’s thinking
“Why can’t I be like everybody else?
but like everything, there seems to be a reason I was made to be me.”

Johnny’s got that smile that says he’s looking for a storm.
He’s got fortune and fame, all he can take and more.
He makes all the guys jealous. He makes all the girls scream.
His price is so much higher than it seems.

And Ben, you’d never know just by looking at him.
You’d think he was made of stone, always looking grim.
He’s never let anyone down, he stands up for those getting pushed around and we’d be lucky to ever find a friend like him.

And when you're all by yourself
and you're thinking "Why can't I be like everybody else?"
Like everything that's both old and new...you're the one, the only ,ever you.