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  1. Anything But One

From the album Home in the Heartland


If I asked you to define
yourself to me, you might describe
the places you call home or the people you call your own
talk about what you believe or what you have achieved so far
What if I told you all these things
do not exist beyond imaginings
they’re just lines that we draw to lift us up and knock others around
and when you open your mind you can’t help but redefine yourself

It doesn’t matter who you are
We’re all made from the same burned out stars
and the illusion is to think
we are anything but one

The difference, it seems to me,
between people and reality
We got some who think they can control, and yet others think it's a free for all, but
the best thing that you can do is the love world staring right back at you

Verse 3:
Everything that we know
was once the same stellar core
All our bodies, all our minds, are just each other realigned
and there’s no best way to be arranged, just what’s familiar and what’s strange
there’s no one way to be, just where you’re going and where you’ve been
Everybody’s got a soul , burning bright for all who take the time to know.