From the album Home in the Heartland


I’m a lucky man, I can’t count on my hands
all the times I felt really loved
or the times you’ve closed your eyes with your hand in mine
all the things good songs are made of

My child, my wife, you’re my reason for life
you’re my lighthouse on the shore
It would take a thousand years to tell you how sweet life is
to say it right would take a thousand more

Like the waves out on the ocean
Like the morning chasing night into the west
Like the starlight burning through darkness
My love for you will never rest

We try to make it last, but the years go by fast
I wanna make sure I don’t miss the chance
to tell you dears how you made my years
the best a man can have


Verse 4:
There will come a day when I can’t kiss your face
because my heart’s asleep in my chest
Don’t you feel afraid, just know that sunshine or rain
my love for you will never rest.