From the album Home in the Heartland


To know who I am, it depends who you ask.
I've known lots of people, I've worn lots of masks, some didn't fit
So I got rid of it.

I've been an artist, a teacher, I thought of being a preacher
I've been a friend and a brother, and sometimes a lover, but it wasn't right
until I met my wife.

I've walked all kinds of roads in this world
and crossed many bridges, some I burned.
but no matter where I roam, the best road I know
Is the one that leads me home.

I've been a cook and composed for a string quartet
I made lots of paintings, haven't sold one yet, but I don't mind
It's probably because I'm colorblind

I made coffee, did statistic research
I played music in the prison for Sunday church, it taught me
to be grateful that I'm free.

I think of all the masks wear throughout the day
some get uncomfortable, most fit okay
the best part of home, though it may be cliche
when I get there I can put them all away