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  1. Favorite

From the album Home in the Heartland


I wish I could stand my own or make friends with a garden gnome
I wish it wasn't so very far to reach up to the cookie jar
I wish that I could have some say in the way I'm dressed on holidays
I wish that all of you could see how strange you look making faces at me

There are things I wish I could say
I'd tell you every day
In all this wonderful world, so bright and blue
My favorite part is you.

I wish you could be inside my head because what I want I don't always get
For instance, let me be very clear, I'm tired of milk let me try Dad's beer.

When you want to talk to me I wish you'd just speak normally
and I wish I could articulate all the things that make life great

Like mother's milk and tater tots, books we read and shows we watch
nap time, cuddle time, wrestle time too sunrise, chubby thighs and chicken soup
summer breeze and sprinkler spray and the times when we're snowed in all day
harvest moon and the stars above and all the people that we love
A bath with the water temp just right and waking you up in the middle of the night
string cheese, green beans and my toy block set and all the things, all the things I haven't heard of yet