Almost Through the Dark

Looking out my window I see skeletons of trees
Reaching into endless gray that’s reaching into me
I’m thinking too much and it drags me down, to the point I feel I can’t get out

The air is crisp and quiet like it has a has secrets to keep
Night is a kind of velvet dark that makes it hard to sleep
Don’t think about it, you know we’re gonna find a way

Every winter ends in spring
Every wrong in reckoning
We find forever somewhere in between
You can feel the fire start in
In the wild reaches of your heart, and
When you think it’s all going to fall apart
You’re almost through the dark

The fingers of the trees end in promises of hope
Each one waiting to unfurl when it cannot see the snow
Think about it, we can always find a way

We’re just circles within circles spinning ever round and round
It’s hard to see when we’re standing still upon the ground
Constantly creating, ends become our beginnings
It’s up to us to make our peace with living in the middle

Make Myself

I’m jealous in ways I can’t forget
Of the way you always seem to see the way ahead
It’s a hard rain, but I’ve never seen you wet
Like you’re paying off the sun and I’m paying on your debts

Following your footsteps isn’t working anymore

I’ll make my own way, find my own truth
No-one ever changed the world following the rules
I could be safe like everyone else
but the life I want I gotta make myself

I’m fearless, at least that’s what I’m saying to myself
But being fearless doesn’t mean I’m not afraid
I’m doubtful, every day’s a second guess
It’s hard to breathe when worries stack like bricks upon my chest

Following your footsteps isn’t working anymore

I’ll make my own way, find my own truth
No-one ever changed the world following the rules
It seems safer to stay with everybody else
but the path I’ll take’s the one I make myself

The only way out is through
The only way out is through
The only way out is through
The only way out is through


The rain was streaming down my window, the streetlight gave an amber glow
You were standing on the corner, your collar up against the cold
You check your watch in vain, you missed the midnight train, don’t know what you’re gonna do
Something in my bones, seems to already know, I been waiting for someone like you

Put on my coat and head over, the wind is tearing at my cheeks
I asked you into my apartment, this aint no night to be on the streets
You stayed and talked all night, never more alive, and you didn’t want to leave
Since then it seems, I been livin in a dream, I don’t wanna wake up from this sleep

Please forgive me, for moving slowly
Too many nights, I been led astray
In your arms I’m feeling holy
If your love is gospel, then let us pray

You really got me thinking, what’s a poor boy gonna do?
When I’m standing at your altar, with empty hands and worn out shoes
I’ll do what I can, to be a better man, to give you the life that you deserve
Just the two of us for now that’s enough to find our way through this world

They say nothing lasts forever, but we can always try
But for now let’s enjoy each other one perfect moment at a time.

What Are We Waiting For?

We were sixteen driving in the moonlight
With a backpack of stolen chokecherry wine
Thinking it was going to be our last goodbye
I knew that something this good would have to end
In a heartache I’d never feel as sharp again
You told me it’ll just take some time to mend

You handed me a bottle and said to keep it safe 
Until I knew I found a love like ours again

Let’s open that old bottle
Drink till we see the bottom
And say everything we should’ve said before
It might take another
Till I can tell you how I love you
Though I aint saying what you don’t already know
So what are we waiting for?

We were 39 it was late in spring
Our fingers showing shadows of missing rings
It seems neither of us knew what life would bring
There’s still something there after all this time
Simmering somewhere beyond desire
Still unspoken for so long now,
I can’t remember why. 

I couldn’t wait a moment more
I’d never known a love like this before
And as I pulled away from our first kiss
I could taste that cherry wine upon your lips

Never Need Another Reason Why

Some think every mystery needs a reason
Every moment needs a season
Every answer is just a question in disguise
Trying to find the perfect moment
Missing all that’s laid before ‘em
Like they could stare a hole into the sky

The fullness of a finite life
Is measured in the drops of time
Like the one shared right now ‘tween you and I 
I’m gonna keep on trying to be
Like the lion at the heart of me
And never need another reason why. 

I once searched under every stone
It took me too far from home
I looked so long I just lost track

Now my bell’s a clangin’, my horn’s a blowin’
Trying to topple my own Jericho and
Follow all my faded footprints back

The point to all our wanderlust
is the task of unbecoming us
The end of every journey then
Is learning who we’ve always been

Keep You Small

We used to whisper softly how much we loved you in your ear
And we would stare at you for hours, just so glad that you were here

We wrote the pages of your life, until you could hold the pen
You let us see this old broken world, like it was new again
The mystery that’s troubling me….

Where did our time go? Did you have to grow so fast?
I wasted too much of mine. missed the moments I can’t get back 
I’d give it all to keep you small a little longer

We used to sleep together, safe and warm in each other’s arms
Didn’t always do much sleeping, but our bellies ached from laughing hard

We used to look into your eyes and see nothing but possibilities
They’re not the same, now your gaze reflects too much reality
The mystery that’s troubling me….

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to see the men that you’ll become.
There’s just a part of me that’s gonna be missing the pieces of you we’ve given up.

The Wire

We all began as strangers between dirty dust bowl fields
Turning dimes into dangers the crowd thought were real
Wearing masks over our masks on every limelit night
When the circus came to town we were always quite a sight
And I walked every wire for you x2

The tents were all packed away I tried to teach you names of stars
You said I’d rather be unenlightened to still see beauty in the dark
It felt like flipping through the air both in the ring and out
To smell the death we kept defying and taste the makeup on your mouth
and I walked every wire for you

15 years we rode the rails to the sound of a clanking calliope
Living other people’s dreams on forty feet of rope
We didn’t know it at the time, but we had everything
A penny in each pocket, a straw mat, and two tin rings

And I walked every wire for you
We had our last performance in the spring of ‘48 
When you fell through the net and made your great escape
But stories never really end, happily or otherwise
They become the fertile ground in the gardens of other minds

And I walked every wire for you
I can’t tell you how much I miss you or guess what our time was worth
You gave me a front row seat to the greatest show on earth

Let Love In

I walked the 17 miles to get to her door
Just came to tell her face to face that it’s over
I didn’t mean to make such an awful mess
She’s so smart and sweet and beautiful. She deserves the best.

I didn’t quite take her by surprise
She knew what I came to say, but didn’t know why
She said “You’re not the only one who feels afraid
We’ll never be perfect and I’ll love you anyways.”

There’s so much out there that I’ll never know
Fear has taken far too much, it’s time to let it go
Hey, I want to feel the light on my skin
Hey, I’m ready to let love in.

She said “Love can be the cruelest game
Feel you gotta quit before you get a chance to play
So many stories tell us how to think and feel
When we’re living them we forget that they aren’t real,”

Did you ever think that I would be the best for you, cause you’re the best for me.
Instead of leaving like you think I need, do what you really want and stay with me.

Ragged Edge

Sitting in an old cafe 
Warm light falling on my face
Grateful for a moment’s escape 
Trying to see the silver lining
When I don’t know where hope is hiding
missing from the old, familiar places

I go down to the ragged edge
A no-man’s land between the heart and head
Where we find which has been fed, and which needs feeding
I been lost and I been found
I been picked up and kicked around
I learned to stand by falling down
On the right side of wrong. 

You say that I’d be doing fine
If I could change my paradigm 
It ain’t as easy as it sounds
Been around the block a time or two
Enough to know there’s nothing new
Same old song with a different tune. 

Like a wheel with broken spokes
I can’t find the center
Like the seeds in a garden row
I’m waiting on the weather
When I feel like letting go, I remember that I’m still growing
Deep inside I still hope that things will get better

Won’t Let You Down

On my way. Just another day
Nowhere to go, nothing to say
The way to win the state I’m in
Turn up the volume and give it a spin

I won’t let you down

It takes some time till you hear it right
It grows on you. It crawls up your spine
Soon we’ll be flying free
We’ll crack the air with electricity

You can feel it in your body, feel it in your bones
Dancing on your skin, it won’t leave you alone
Tuning in and letting go, floating on waves of radio
That is how I want you to know
I want you to know that…

I Wish I’d Known You Better

So many things change as I get older
Get a little wiser, or at least, I’m supposed to
Days get longer, but years get shorter
There’s fewer friends left to be close to

So many people I should cherish but I won’t
Living like we have forever when we don’t
All the friends I barely know, and it’s my fault
For always finding something else to do and reasons not to call

I wish I knew you better when you were around
Listened harder to your voice so I’d remember the sound
I thought we’d live long enough that we’d surely meet again
I wish I’d known you better when I had the chance

So many days I wasted running around
Meetings without meaning in every part of town
Now I’m thinking of the times I should’ve chosen you instead
and everything I had to leave behind while trying to get ahead 

Every grave I dig within my heart unburies something my head
A thought I should keep closer but always manage to forget
I know that life carries on and I’m not bitter when it ends
But I mourn the lost sweetness of the times we never had.

Whatever You’re Looking For

Headlights stretching on till dawn
As we head out on highway 61
We made our getaway nice and clean
Your head on my shoulder fast asleep

On the run, on a limb, or on the mend
All your stories seem to have the same ending
I’ll be there with you, wherever you’re going
Someday you’ll see what’s been there all along

You don’t have to hunt too hard, don’t have to go too far
Cause I’m right here, baby
So many possibilities just on the other side of me
I could be whatever you’re looking for

I’ll be it, if you need it, I’ll see that I’m
Whatever you’re looking for.
What we’re feeling, it’s real and I’ll be
Whatever you’re looking for. 

Another cold gray morning and you’re alone
Can’t remember how you got home
Don’t know how much you need to confess
So you make some more mistakes and we do it all again

One of these times we could just keep driving
We could leave behind the empty promises and lying
We could be together instead of just colliding
We could start living instead of just surviving

Big Life

My old man sat me down
On his one good knee
Said there’s some things I gotta tell you
If you got a few minutes for me

You’ve done a lot of growing up
And you’ve got a long ways to go
Take your time getting there
And take some of what I know

You can see by the memories 
Sitting on my shelf 
You gotta brace yourself…

It’s gonna be a big life
No such thing as a straight line
Since none of us are getting out alive
Buckle up and hold tight
It’s gonna be a wild ride
But we only get one try
Might as well be a big life

Never dream too small
Or settle for getting by
Every love will end in heartbreak
Love hard anyways and don’t ask why

The more you give, the more you have
The best things can’t be counted
Building walls is for lesser men
All the great hearts are boundless

It’s Now

Let me tell you ‘bout the other day
Another one that wasn’t goin’ my way
Kind you finish with a cabernet
Like it’s goin’ out of style

Took too long to get out the door
Got a box of bills we can’t afford
The life we been waiting for
Is taking quite awhile. 

Who said it’s ‘sposed to be easy?
We always make it somehow
Who said we get guarantees? Yeah
All that’s for certain is now, oh it’s now

Staring down 25 to life (in a)
Dead end job with no end in sight
Wishing anything would turn out right
It’s a decade overdue

Even when we’re feeling fine
Problems ain’t too far behind
What we seek is what we find
But that ain’t nothin’ new

All the things that ruin our day
Are the very things we’ll miss when they’ve gone away
Someday when we’re looking back
We’ll know enough to see just how much we had

Do Right By You

Before you knew right from wrong
Before you knew how to speak
Back when your life seemed so, so long
Back when you still looked up to me. 

Do I keep you safe for as long as I can?
Or do I see your scars as part of some bigger plan?
What do I do to do right by you?

Everything worth learning you’ll find out on your own
Everytime you get cut down, it’s time for you to grow
If you learned from my mistakes, think of all you’d know
But you won’t…you gotta do it on your own

For all the times that I been burned
Until I could not feel the flames
If it weren’t for all the painful lessons I learned
I wouldn’t be the same

Life Unplugged

I go to work several times every day
Gotta keep connected, or so they say
Cause no-one likes to wait
The little light blinks its way into my brain
Gotta check my mail to make it go away
When do I get a break?

Let me tell you a little something I figured out
Just shut it off and take a good look around

Sky’s a bit bluer, words are truer, storms are getting fewe
It’s like everything’s clearing up
I take a deep breath, fight less, and just deal with my own mess
I’ve got more time for the things I love
Livin life Unplugged

Can’t be caught in calls that I don’t take
Can’t be late for meetings that I don’t make
Can’t say that I miss them at all
If you wanna be social come on over
We’ll site by the fire and drink a cold one
I’d rather see your face than read your wall

If we wanna keep the human race on track
Maybe the best way forward is a few steps back


I’ve started learning slowly that I’ve been a bit betrayed
That the whispers inside my head didn’t know what they were saying
It ain’t been a bed of roses that I been lyin in
No matter whether I was rested,  had to face the day again

I feel like I was framed, by whatever’s in my brain
And the ones I needed most, I tried the hardest to push away
Maybe this is normal, how was I to know?
We’re so busy looking perfect, can’t let our cracks show

What I need, is some honesty
To know there’s someone out there just like me
If I knew I could speak the truth
I wouldn’t be alone and neither would you

Some days life is like lifting a candle to the sun
No matter how bright you burn, it wouldn’t matter if you were gone
But I can guarantee you, this just aint the case
There’s someone using that flame to find their way

Finding faults and flaws should be expected
With every trip round our star
There sure shouldn’t be a shred of shame projected
In being who you are

16 Summers

Days are long nights are warm
We’re playing cards, listening to the radio
These moments seem to go so fast
I wish I could make them last

Like the look on your face 
When you dipped your toes into the lake
I’ll never forget the sound 
Of that sprinkler running round and round

We only get 16 summers of watching stormy skies
16 summers of skinned knees and fireflies
16 summers to hold your little hand in mine
We got 16 summers, so let’s do them right. 

We pop the tent, you crawl right in
I can smell the beach in your Banana Boat grin
You get your hat and fishing pole
“Are you ready Dad? Come on let’s go”

Grass stains on all your jeans
There’s no real point in tryin to keep you clean
Instead of complaining about the mess
I should dive in the dirt with you instead

Next year I know you’ll be asking for the keys
And every year after, you’ll be further from me
Let’s enjoy the sunshine while we can
And make this the best summer we ever had

How Are You Doing Today?

I caught your crooked smile
It went away too fast to think it could be real
A plausible denial
I’ve heard too many times to let it be
There’s a question I know you’ve heard
This time I mean every word

How are you doing today?
I try to sing the songs that’ll make you feel okay
How are you doing today?
I’ll try to mend you, ‘cause I know how it is to break.

I know it aint your style
You like to talk about much brighter things
The rest you leave hanging on a wire
Until the day you get too tangled in the strings

I’ve been where you are and I know how it goes
A hundred million people have been that way before
The one’s who sing loudest and laugh the most
Are trying to let you know that you’re not alone

Make a Memory

Hear the young folks
Down at the school yard
Talking bout what they’re going to be
Hear the old folks
Watch them running
Talking bout how fast they used to be

I don’t wanna hear what we’re doing tomorrow
Tomorrow’s a whole nother day away
I don’t wanna hear what we’re doing tomorrow
We still got time to make a memory today

Hear the old folks 
Sharing stories
About all the things they used to do
Hear the young folks
Wishing they were
Old enough to have stories too

We can’t ever get back what we once had
We can’t see the future very clear
We only happen a moment at a time
Let’s not wish away what we got right here

Everybody, Everybody for a moment let’s just be
Everybody, Everybody clap your hands and sing with me

Here I Stand

Here I stand, just a man, who loves you
And I know I don’t say it all the time
But you should know there’s no other place I’d rather be
than in your arms and you there in mine

You know that I ain’t too good with words now
And I don’t bring you flowers like I should
And even when my hands are empty 
My heart’s filled up twice for you girl

You can hold me steady like an elder tree
And I’ll reach for the sky like a shaking leaf
Every day I’ll bring the sun to you baby
And every night you bring the Earth to me.  

There’s a million ways to say I love you
I only know about 2 or 3. 
So when I’m workin hard, or keep you dreaming large
You just hear those three words from me

All You Are Is Enough

Every day is a battlefield of lies
We’re soldiers and our hearts the prize
The man keeps shooting up our souls
And the only remedy is more and more

Can’t be happy without the newest thing
Can’t call it love without a diamond ring
Can’t keep control from spinning

There’s a better way to know when we’re winning
When our hearts are hurt and heavy from the healing
When our backs can’t be broken, our knees don’t know kneeling
When our will is worn from all our wishing well
And we stand up for each other like the rising of the tide, saying
“All you are is enough
All you are is enough”

How do we measure our success?
By having more or wanting less?
How do we fight when they pipe the war
Right into our heads?

Turn it off and burn it down
It aint worth watchin anyhow 
The price is much too high
They aint selling us a better life

Anything Can Happen

Late at night in a crowded bar on Main st.
In a rusty town just south of Duluth
The air was thick with the smell of sweat and whiskey
The radio’s repeating the same 4  tunes
You were shining like a neon sign in a graveyard
And I’m suddenly aware of the mud on my boots
I knew I had to find a way into your heart
Even though I didn’t know the route

Hey I’m alright
Cause anything could happen here tonight
Woah I’m on fire
Better to be burned than never try

I tried to get to you by my legs just wouldn’t listen
It’s like they put down roots so I was stuck in place
I remembered the last time I had this condition
It got cured quick when she laughed in my face.
I had to catch all the butterflies in my stomach
Fortune favors the brave and the bold
I hope you’re the kind who likes a lunatic
I ran the gauntlet just in time to see you go.

Late that night I saw you on the street crying
Your car had crashed 5 miles down the road 
I said I’d carry you home if you were tired of walking
You flashed me a smile and said c’mon let’s go.

Empty Pack

There’s an old worn out pack I’ve taken round the whole world
It’s brown and it’s frayed and the straps have all curled
Every time I set out it’s full of all of my things
Every time I return it’s empty again. 

When you haul too large a load
Can’t recognize yourself no more
It takes a long time to leave what aint you behind
Moving on means letting go

I thought my sunglasses would keep out the light
What’s the point of looking if the colors aint right?
I thought that my coat would keep out the cold
It just kept it in till I had someone to hold

Everything I thought I needed,
was only covering me up
Every demon I defeated 
Found a way to stay in touch

Every way I been mistreated
I left somewhere on the tracks
There’s nothing like coming back
with a full heart and an empty pack

Long Way Around

He couldn’t stay
Got too carried away
Searching for something, but what, he can’t say
Needed to find
a place to clear his mind
decide what’s worth the weight and what she needs to leave behind

Go far enough and end right back
Where he started from
It’s all the same, he’s the one that changed
Had to take the long way around

The river was wide
He had to cross or die trying
‘Cause maybe things would be better on the other side
That was just one shore
There were thousands more
but none brought him closer to what he was looking for

When you live on a wheel, the thing you will find
You see before you  things once behind
While you’re running from those you think done you wrong
You’re also running back, it just takes a little longer

Go far enough and end right back
Where we started from
It’s all the same, we’re the one that will change
When we take the long way around

Don’t Want to Love You Alone

Picking up the pieces of what our life’s become
And fall into a photograph from before it all went wrong
When did we stop looking at each other with those eyes?
When did we start keeping score instead of running toward the prize?

I don’t want to love you alone
We can put in the work or it won’t
I’m not done fighting for you
But I don’t want to love you alone

Sitting on the sofa, staring at the screen
Occupying hours that we used to fill with dreams

When did we give up on all the things we were gonna do?
When did we start doing the same things, just in different rooms?

We’ve only got so many years
Let’s not waste them sitting here
I want to go so far that we disappear
And turn back our best forgotten years

Say You Still Need Me

It’s been a long time, since I held you in my arms
Longer still, since we dropped our facades
And I’m wrapped in cold sheets, wondering where you are
They catch the pieces of me that are breaking apart

I won’t ask you no questions, so you don’t need no alibis
But if you want to stay with me girl, look me in the eyes
And say you still need me tonight. 

It’s been awhile since you wore that sweet perfume
Or your hair caught the light of a Minnesota moon
Been busy running around, fast as we can
If we were to slow down, would you still know who I am?

You’re the devil, I’m the sinner, and I’m still wrapped around your finger
I’ll do whatever you command
But if you won’t keep me warm, I’ll walk right out that door
Into the arms of someone else who can.

I Ain’t Going Anywhere

We wanted a place to call our own.
Built a house near the edge of town
Broke our backs, worked our fingers to the bone
Sacrificed all we could to pay the loan

Years later, on a warm summer night
the skies fell and the water ran too high
It didn’t matter how hard we tried
All swept away, except you and I

I don’t wanna wait to see your face 
When we were young, we had time to waste
We gave too much to things that fade away
The rest is yours, and I aint going anyhwere.

I got a job, climbed rung by rung
The air got cold as I got higher from the ground
After 40 years working dusk till dawn
No-one noticed when I was gone

You stayed at home, you kept the light
you raised the kids, till they were burning bright
Now they’re off in someone else’s sky
Our rooms are large and our house is quiet.

Enjoy the Ride

I’ve stared up at the stars a thousand times
still the scale is too much for my mind
All the light that I see could have traveled a billion years
now a bit of that burning ball is part of me

Everything everyone has ever known
Took place on one little lump of stone
It seems so unreal, all the things I hold most dear
are so slight no-one else knows I’m here

When we see it all it’s hard not to feel small
Here and gone before a star can blink it’s eyes
The best of us still no more than specks of dust
So let’s not worry about our tiny lives
and just enjoy the ride

Does it mean that nothing matters anymore?
No it makes it more precious than before
I don’t need to fight, don’t need to impose, I can’t change how the story goes 
Might as well stop pretending I’m in control

If I knew my place in the cosmic design
and saw how petty all the ways I war and waste my time
Insignificantly I’d turn to see my fellow man
Another body made of stardust doing best they can

Not Afraid to Lose

I remember when we got our first apartment
Didn’t have a thing to cover the 20 year old carpet
We knew then life makes no guarantees
But I still bet on you and you still bet on me. 

Every step ahead we look behind
Wondering if we got it right
Taking chances, pursuing passions
We just let it ride
And as long as I’ve got you I’m not afraid to lose

You and I we jumped in right away with both feet
Working four jobs to try and make the ends meet
There were times when we were ground down to the floor
But if you’re going through hell, you gotta keep on going

You and me, more lucky than we ought
Of all the stars it was ours that were crossed

Looking out, the count of years behind increases
And we laugh as our bodies fall to pieces
We’ll look at the winding path we’ve carved
Knowing no other could have brought us to where we are

Can’t Just Send Your Love

It’s another heartbreaking story
there’s a new one every day
somewhere there’s blood in the street
somewhere there’s bombs in the rain
See it scroll by on the TV screen
Too far away, so I don’t know how to feel
I slam the keys, and I’m sure to share
as long as I never have to leave my chair

You can’t just send your love
It’s not good enough
There aint gonna be no intervention
You need to vote with your feet
get your body in the streets
to save us from all our good intentions

It’s hard to think I can make a difference
It’s hard to feel the wind of change
It don’t often blow me off my feet
Just blows warm across my face

What about the worn and weary 
waiting for better days
With all I have, why can’t I help?
It’s easier to look away

Standing for what’s right is gonna take some standing,  can’t move ahead while laying down.
Every voice is small, but also so important, every mountain is made of grains of sand

Just in Case

Six A.M. we got up and ate breakfast side by side
I gave her a kiss to start her day, she gave me one to start mine.
Her breath swam like smoke in the winter air while she got on the bus
When I got home the house was still locked up

Everything looked the same, but nothing here felt right
I waited up as long as I could, but she didn’t come home that night
I’ve waited now for seven months and I wait up each night still
Hoping to see my little girl

Thoughts of her flood my mind and spill out on the floor
Trying to chase away the doubt coming through our front door
I can never seem to close it because she might be back someday
I’ll keep a candle in the window and leave the door open just in case.

Anything can get in when there’s so large a hole
Mocking rain on the blank pages of a story left untold
The chill wind blows and coats the room in a layer of frost
It seems everything warm in here was lost

What if she tried to come home and we had already moved on?
What if when she needed us most, we let her down?
I know that it seems crazy, if you leave too I’ll understand
But I’ll be waiting here forever, I can’t lose her again

Blood on the Rails

I left New Orleans about a week or so
Up the Mississippi, got a job out in Omaha
to get a dollar a day, laying the rails
the work may be hard but I’m not wearing chains
I left new orleans about a week or so

Sun’s beatin down, and the ground is a cooking pot 
No well to get to water and work don’t ever stop
Lots of us fell, some don’t get up
If you can’t stay on the line you’re left in the dust
Sun’s beating down and the ground is a cooking pot

There’s blood on the rails and aint nobody care
Gotta keep movin or the man can’t get his share
Bodies fall where they stood and we’re told to just leave them there
There’s blood on the rails and aint nobody care. 

Got a pack on my back with a mat to rest my bones
aching somethin’ fierce when the days work is done
when you’re running from something it’s good to work a train
nobody’s asking questions, nobody knows my name
Got a pack on my back with a mat to rest my bones

I ain’t been paid so I got no way to leave 
until the end of the line, I guess they can do what they want with me
Somehow they got me dogged up a tree
I may not be a slave, but I sure as hell aint free
I aint been paid so I got no way to leave. 

Gotta get to Utah, I can put my hammer down
Almost bit the bullet when a blast through the hill went wrong
Gotta keep on moving toward that western shore
Got a million spikes behind and it’s just a million more
Gotta get to Utah, I can put my hammer down

Little Town

In the town where I was from, 
we all knew everyone
The air was sweet and the night full of song
but it was hard for us to stay
too little work, too little pay
and one by one we up and went away

Little town, we let you go
Your streets are empty and your shops are all closed
Times were hard, we didn’t know
all we had to lose until you’re gone

It was quiet, the lights were low, 
there’s time to think and space to grow
We didn’t miss so much cause we knew to take it slow
but the folks who live downtown 
They walk fast, eyes on the ground
They don’t seem to see the world spinning round them

Take care and don’t forget
or there may be no town left.

You Will Never Walk Alone

Before your eyes are open You’re rushing through the morning
Half a pot of coffee And you’re out the door
A briefcase full of hot air So it looks like you care
Dressed in your finest worries In time to hit the road

Take another worn step Towards another sunset
Is your heart so heavy Or is it just your shoes?
It’s hard to tell the difference When tomorrow’s in the past tense
And you’re trying to solve puzzles Meant for two

I’ll be your light when darkness come
I’ll be your strength when you fall down
I’ll be the wind to blow you home 
So wherever you may go
You will never walk alone.

We had days sweet as honey Served on a bed of money
Where happiness Is just a purchase out of reach
We got into a pattern Of missing what mattered
The only way to break out Is if you’re here with me. 

You know I’ll always be right there ready to take what you can’t bear
Everything is so much better shared
Take what we need and no more, it’s okay to be unsure
To live the life we have, not the one we wish for

If You Could Only See

Hearing 4 rings when I call on on the phone
Trying to pretend like there’s nobody home, yeah
Cause you think you’re better off alone

Watching the rain fall from grey heavy skies
Wish it would wash away the fire that’s behind your eyes
The one that’s feeding off your pride
It just gets higher, when you listen to the voices in your mind

Hey, If you could just see
Hey, if you could just see
Hey if you could just see / What I do when I’m looking right at you

You say that you never amounted to much 
That you’re too far behind to ever catch up, yeah
You think you’ll never be enough

We’ve all been there, and I know how you feel
When all that we share is our own highlight reels, it seems
You’re one step behind your dreams
It’s not real, what you see is what we wanted to be.

If you could see the way, I see you every day
You make my world a much brighter place
You make me celebrate things I used to find mundane
You’re beautiful and you don’t need to change

Black Powder Serenede

Bring me grandaddy’s chisel
So I can open up the trunk
It might be filled with gold doubloons
But it’s probably just junk

My arm is falling, sparks are flying
Like a knockturn alley spell
There’d probably be witnesses
If they could only stand the smell

And so I slink into the nearest bathroom
And i sneak another cigarette
I probably should be in a cage
But they haven’t caught me yet

Somewhere a tape machine is whining
Playing memories back in stereo
There’s a puppet with broken strings
Getting up off of the floor

I hear them talking outside the window
Voices hushed and low
“What’s do you think he’s doing in there?”
Trust me you don’t really wanna know

It’s cold outside out on 4th street
The cats are all in their bags
And I’m just a lit up silhouette
A spent match dressed in oily rags

And the room is a red light special 
And in my hand a cold grenade
And if you stay I’ll sing you
A black powder serenede.