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  • Thu

    Debut at the Lab Taproom

    6PM - 9PM


    767 N. Eustis St., Suite 115, Saint Paul, MN 55114
    Phone: 651.313.6888

    The Lab: For Tasters and Makers

    The Lab is the brainchild of Janet Johanson and Matt Hall. Janet and Matt saw a need for beverage makers to have a resource to perform pilot runs and a place to test the quality of their recipes. They also wanted to offer a taproom scene inclusive of everyone—one that provided more than beer. With that, they launched The Lab, a place for tasters and makers.

    If you are a beverage business — a maker — The Lab offers pilot brewing and laboratory services to help refine recipes, trial new ingredients, create commercial-quality prototypes and gather anonymous customer feedback from The Lab taproom.

    If you are a consumer — a taster — The Lab is here to offer you the first taste of the newest beverages via our self-pour system. The Lab offers both beer and other alcoholic drinks, plus a variety of non-alcoholic beverages. Importantly, the feedback from The Lab guests is relayed to our beverage creators to help them perfect their recipes.