CD Release Party!


I’m so pleased to tell you about this awesome event we’re putting together for you, and can’t wait to share a night of art and music together! We’re going to be celebrating the release of my newest album “The Well Traveled Unknown.”


April 20th, 2019 is the big day.

I’m teaming up with a cool non-profit called ArtWorks Eagan. It’s an artist co-op that works as creation space, gallery space and performance space. The building is a re-imagined firehouse and they’ve turned it into a gathering place that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

We’ve timed this release event to coincide with their spring art event. This means that all day leading up to the concert there will be art on display, attractions, and artists selling their work. Plenty to see and do. Interesting people to talk to. All in all a great way to spend your afternoon.

To keep our bellies full there will be a gathering of food trucks and to keep our spirits up ArtWorks will be hosting a bar. (see what I did there, “spirits?”) So get a babysitter, dogsitter, whatever you need and plan to make a night of it!

The Schedule is:
6-7: Listening party – The album will be playing on the speaker, but really it’s just a happy hour for us to hang out.
7-9: Concert and Live Art Creation – This is the main event, folks!
9-10: Afterglow – more hang out time to enjoy all the good company, and to say our MN goodbyes…which is why I allocated a full hour.


3795 Pilot Knob Rd, Eagan, MN 55122


This show is going to be really special. I’ll play all the tunes on the album, of course, and will also preview some new tunes that are in the works for the next project. But the really different aspect of this one is the delivery.

During the show you will witness the creation of a piece of original art influenced by the music being played. Artist Amy Vasterling has agreed to be recorded on video making a painting, which will be live-streamed to the concert hall and projected onto the stage so you can see how the music influences and changes her artistic process and choices.

In the end we will have all participated in a massive creative endeavor and everyone who attends the show will leave with a CD of the music and will be mailed an archival quality print of the finished artwork, all ready to be framed and hung in your home!

Here’s some of Amy’s Art…


Album Notes

The Well Traveled Unknown is my sixth solo album release. The songs in this collection focus on personal struggles and aspirations as a young parent and artist trying to remain positive in the face of depression and the influence of an increasingly strange and divided world.

Through my non-profit, Discover Music, I became friends with the guys at Above Pete’s Garage, a non-profit in Detroit, MI doing similar work teaching young people to write and record songs. Founder Pete Bishop invited me out for an intense week of recording in which we laid down all the tracks for the album. Over the course of the last year we have been trading notes, making tweaks and shooting audio files back and forth between our studios to make these songs come to life.

We continue to work on multiple projects together, both musical and educational. I’ll be headed out to see them in late March to do a soft release tour in MI and OH. They’re such caring and genuine people, and I think their personalities and energy come through in the recordings we’ve made.