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Preview Track – New Album

Hey all! I’m so excited to get this new album out to you. This one has been a wild ride! In addition to the normal work of writing, coordinating, funding and recording this project I’ve also taken on the task of self-producing and self-engineering the whole thing. This learning curve wasn’t steep…it was the El Capitan of learning curves and jumping in to creating a fully produced album was like climbing it without a harness. I learned so much though, and had a lot of fun. All the nerdy acoustic and sound science stuff is fun to me, and IContinue readingPreview Track – New Album


When I say ‘we’, I am talking, of course, about all the wonderful people that are supporting my album project. When I say ‘did it’ I’m talking about making the goal of $5,500 to record my second album. You may have heard me mention the project once or twice. Things really kicked into high gear when I posted this motivational video:   In a few short days so many people began to respond and support the project ┬áthat I was quite literally having trouble keeping up with all the thank you messages. It was a moving experience to see justContinue readingWE DID IT!!!

Songbook: The Greatest Divide

This one stems from my wandering thoughts about how best to live life. In reaction to the whole media hooplah over the “you didn’t build this on your own” quote I wrote this tune. Fundamentally we do not do anything on our own. Our ability to succeed is inherently tied to our communities, family and friends. Someone can have the best idea in the world, but if there’s no support it won’t be realized. We are social animals. It’s the way our species elevates itself above others. We don’t have teeth, claws, skin, venom, etc. that give us an evolutionaryContinue readingSongbook: The Greatest Divide

Songbook: It Didn’t Work Out That Way (that’s okay)

As Jenn entered her 3rd decade she was ruminating on how her life had turned out. She told me about the dreams she had for herself when she was in her early 20’s and how she would never have guessed that her life would be what it is like now. It got me thinking of my own 20 year old self and the grand plans that I had schemed. At that point I was still in the band “Echo Union” with my buddies and we had our lives all planned out. It was to be glorious, fast, hard, music andContinue readingSongbook: It Didn’t Work Out That Way (that’s okay)

Songbook – Made from the Same

This is part of my Songbook series…unfinished tracks right out of my songbook, as they’re written, to document the journey from concept to album track in my next CD. With this tune I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a bit so I decided to do something in a traditional blues 12 bar format. It also had to be in my style so that in case the tune was any good I could include it on the CD and it wouldn’t sound like a blues piece plopped in the middle of a folk CD. My solution…do it inContinue readingSongbook – Made from the Same