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WBUUC Middle School Relgious Ed. Song

Today I had the fortune of being asked to join the WBUUC Middle School Religious Ed. class to help them in a little project. The goal was for them to write the lyrics to a song that expresses their theology and what they think it means to be a UU. In 40 minutes we were able to write lyrics, a melody, play through and record a song! It was really something. The lyrics they came up with were heartfelt and they sang beautifully, harmonies and everything. I was really proud of them and grateful to have been part of theContinue readingWBUUC Middle School Relgious Ed. Song

What a Ride…

So here it is…10-something PM on the last day of my twenties. What did I do today? I got up, fed the dog, changed and fed the kid, kissed everyone goodbye as I went to work. While at work I fixed an electric piano and worked at some social media for my non-profit, fixed some IT problems and worked on laying out a book that my dad co-wrote for his consulting firm. I came home, watched some Sesame Street with my son, Finn, had dinner together, and spent a good 20 minutes rocking him to sleep and telling him aboutContinue readingWhat a Ride…

Musings on Music and Amusia

So I’m reading this book, Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain, and the chapter I’m on is about amusia. Amusia means “without music.” It’s like color blindness, but for sound. Now I’m sure your thoughts jumped right to that old lady in church who can’t sing in tune to save her life (yet she sings louder than everyone else and always seems to be seated next to you)…yeah, we all know that lady. But tone deafness doesn’t even begin to cover it. These people actually cannot distinguish melodies, pitches, timbres, tones or rhythms. If you played Ravel’s “Bolero”, RayContinue readingMusings on Music and Amusia

Songbook – Open Wide

This is part of my Songbook series…unfinished tracks right out of my songbook, as they’re written, to document the journey from concept to album track in my next CD. This tune is in response to a series of conversations, revelations and otherwise concerning acceptance of GLBT individuals and couples, especially after reading this article and seeing some of the responses to that article in this video. Nobody deserves to be met with scorn for loving who they love. I wasn’t questioned or judged when I married Jenn so why should my friend John have had to fight for his rightContinue readingSongbook – Open Wide

The practice of gratitude

You’d think that something as simple as saying “Thank you” would be a fairly easy task, wouldn’t you? Yeah, so did I. As the weather warms, the sun begins to shine for a normal amount of hours and things begin to grow there is always this sense of abundance surrounding me. The trees used to be bare and now they carry so many life-giving leaves that they bend toward the Earth. The world used to be 90% white, 9% some shade of brown and 1% whatever color plastic was peeking through the snow: now we have colors upon colors. IContinue readingThe practice of gratitude