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Fly the Skull and Crossbones

We’ve all seen the advertisement at the beginning of DVD’s… “Pirating is stealing.” On it’s face that sounds like a reasonable argument. Sure…copying something that you’d normally have to pay for could easily be considered stealing. But is it wrong to steal from a criminal who has themselves stolen? Oh, now this gets more interesting. I’m starting from a premise. The record industry is made up of crooks. They steal from the artists, who are really the only ones deserving of your support. So you really shouldn’t feel too bad about pirating music. In fact, the subversive act of musicContinue readingFly the Skull and Crossbones

Taking a Stand

There comes a time, several in fact, in a person’s life when they must take a stand for what is right. One of those times is now. The MN legislature, knowing they could never get an anti-marriage equality law passed through proper channels, are circumventing the legislative system to pass a constitutional amendment prohibiting marriage equality. Now even if this passes GLBT marriages still won’t be legal in MN, they just won’t be constitutionally prohibited. Why is this distinction important? Because a constitution is supposed to afford citizens protection FROM the government intrusion into their lives. It’s supposed to limitContinue readingTaking a Stand

A Thoughtful Review

So I was at this gig at Wild Tymes this past weekend and there was this really nice lady who was walking around with a pitcher and collecting money for the bands (which is really great because bands don’t get paid much). The guy organizing the show, Steve MClellan (executive director for DEMO, a really cool NPO that aims to get new artists up on stages and in front of people, http://www.demomn.blogspot.com/), come over to me and says. “The lady with the pitcher recognizes you from your promo photos. She says she did a review of your album, so IContinue readingA Thoughtful Review

Songbook – Made from the Same

This is part of my Songbook series…unfinished tracks right out of my songbook, as they’re written, to document the journey from concept to album track in my next CD. With this tune I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a bit so I decided to do something in a traditional blues 12 bar format. It also had to be in my style so that in case the tune was any good I could include it on the CD and it wouldn’t sound like a blues piece plopped in the middle of a folk CD. My solution…do it inContinue readingSongbook – Made from the Same

Music Matters!

Musicians- If you ever feel that making music doesn’t matter, or isn’t contributing to the world in a positive way, watch this video. Music animates this man, gives him life. Listen to how he describes music…words like “love, dreams, holy” and “the world needs love right now.” Music is indeed important my friends. Keep on making it. Keep on playing it. Keep on listening to it. You never know who will draw strength from what you create or how.