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Music Secrets Exposed!

Earlier this week I was asked to do an interview for an Irish Music podcast with Sylvia A B Moran called Music Secrets Exposed (https://blog.musicsecretsexposed.com/). It’s a really cool show that offers advice and inspiration to developing musicians (which is all of us). Take a listen! Here’s a direct link to the episode with the interview. https://anchor.fm/musicsecretsexposed/episodes/MSE-Special-Conversation-with-Tim-Cheesebrow–Singer–Songwriter-e15sbtt

Guest on Composer Quest!!!

Recently I was invited to be a guest on the podcast ComposerQuest, produced by fellow St. John’s University graduate and new friend, Charlie McCarron! It was a real honor to be asked. Charlie and I talk about my songwriting process, there’s some background on the songs and a little diversion into sci-fi, then we talk a bit about MusicWorks’ new direction. Please subscribe to his podcast if you like the content. He’s always got interesting and talented people on there, and I enjoy them quite a bit. To support the album project, please visit http://igg.me/at/homeintheheartland

Can Playing Less Actually Be a Good Thing?

In a word…yes. I’ve had several discussions with musicians in the past few weeks about the nature of the music industry and our role as performers in making it a viable environment for the creation of new, quality music. The crux of these conversations revolved around the question of what we should be charging for a performance, and every new musician’s dilemma “Should I be playing shows for free?” It’s changed the way I’ve decided to do music business. If you talk to venue owners the answer is “Yes, you should play at our establishments for free. We’ll give youContinue readingCan Playing Less Actually Be a Good Thing?

Why Do Bands Keep Asking Me to Back Their Projects? Jeez…

It’s inevitable…you hear a band you like at a show, you look them up on your phone and decide to follow them on Twitter or Facebook so you can see where they’re playing next, and then it happens. You weren’t prepared for it. You just wanted information and entertainment. You never intended to let money come into it, but there it is on your screen, plain as day…a request for you to back the band’s crowdsourcing campaign. Don’t be alarmed. This happens to everyone, and there’s a good reason for it. This is where the music industry is headed, andContinue readingWhy Do Bands Keep Asking Me to Back Their Projects? Jeez…

10 Guidelines To Be A Successful Performer

Recently I had a discussion with someone who questioned the professionalism of my practice of using a music stand at shows and my preference to play shows seated versus standing. This got me thinking, generally, about what it means to be a music professional and what practices one should employ if they want to be as professional as possible. I came up with 10 guidelines to codify what I consider to be professionalism for a performing musician. Feel free to disagree, I’d welcome any comments to the contrary. If you change my mind I’ll make an addition to the post.Continue reading10 Guidelines To Be A Successful Performer