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Video – Aberdeen Jig

Original Folk Music! Pete McCauley and I recently formed an Irish/American Folk and Roots duo called Mac and Cheese. It’s really been a lot of fun playing those old timeless tunes and songs. Pete’s a great player and songwriter, and a real pleasure to work with. This is one of the tunes he wrote several years ago while playing with The Hounds of Finn. The Aberdeen Jig, like the name implies, is written in a jig style. Jigs are traditionally defined as lively dance tunes in a compound meter (6/8). He wrote it in Aberdeen, South Dakota at the NorthEastContinue readingVideo – Aberdeen Jig

CD Release Party!

PARTY TIME I’m so pleased to tell you about this awesome event we’re putting together for you, and can’t wait to share a night of art and music together! We’re going to be celebrating the release of my newest album “The Well Traveled Unknown.” SAVE THE DATE April 20th, 2019 is the big day. I’m teaming up with a cool non-profit called ArtWorks Eagan. It’s an artist co-op that works as creation space, gallery space and performance space. The building is a re-imagined firehouse and they’ve turned it into a gathering place that’s as beautiful as it is functional. We’veContinue readingCD Release Party!