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The Foodie Perk

My album campaign has many cool perks available for our supporters. One of them is “The Foodie” and is a 4 course Italian meal to be home cooked by yours truly with a mini-concert and photo session to follow. To develop the menu and give the dinner a trial run I called on my friend Rachael White, an internationally known food blogger. She wrote for Tokyo Terrace while in Japan and is launching a new project¬†now that she’s back in the states. Rachael and I had a great time, and since she and Jenn, my wife, are such close friendsContinue readingThe Foodie Perk

Attack of the Swedes

Well here it is…a new year and I haven’t posted since August. I guess it shows how busy being a new parent is. At this point Finn’s about 5 months old and he just got his second tooth. He’s saying syllables, dropping things on the floor and loving family cuddle time in the morning. Despite his early proclivity for blood-curdling screams he’s turning out to be a pretty happy kid. So my buddy Marc, 5th cousin 4 times removed (or something like that) came over yesterday and shared with us his grandmothers recipe for Swedish meatballs. I know, you’re probablyContinue readingAttack of the Swedes

Spicy Mango-Cranberry Pork Roast

Jenn and I love to¬†cook dinner for our friends. Last night we had Phil and Val over to meet Finn for the first time and I wanted to make an easy, mess-free, meal on the grill. So like all good culinary endeavors I headed to the grocery store to make some impulsive purchases. First thing I see when I walk in the door is a big heap of corn. 27 cents an ear. Perfect, I’ll take 7. I stroll back to the meat dept. and what do I see but pork loin roast on sale! This is a great cutContinue readingSpicy Mango-Cranberry Pork Roast