Artwork is In!

The fantastic Sarah Schneemann has done it once again folks! Somehow, between work, life, raising kids, and keeping up a strict workout regimen Sarah has found the time to create more wonderful works of art for me to use in my album project. You can see her other work at http://sarahschneemann.com. Thanks Sarah. You rock!

If you like what you see, one of these prints can be yours, and you can help me make music at the same time. The recently added perk, “The Artiste” on my crowdfunding campaign will give you a CD and a mounted print of Sarah’s artwork!


HITHArtwork - 600-1


HITHArtwork - 600-2


HITHArtwork - 600-3


HITHArtwork - 600-4



This one will be the album coverHITHArtwork - 600-5


This one will be the album back cover. HITHArtwork - 600-6