Another Review!

This great review comes from John C. McClure over at Victory Review magazine.

This is a quote from the June 2012 issue….

“I have a warm place in my heart for people from the Great Lakes area of the country. One of my favorite songwriters in the world, Drew Nelson is from there, and just about everyone I’ve met from there has been so nice it tempts you to wonder what they’re up to. Now I have yet another reason. His name is Tim Cheesebrow, and his first album project, “the moments between” is an excellent collection of “inspirational music.”

The word “inspirational” has always scared me off a little, because altogether too often it means “preachy,” but in this album Tim Cheesebrow pulls it off. I suppose you could stop reading right there and take my word for it, but in the event you don’t, let me say that Mr. Cheesebrow is a skilled songwriter (of all the songs on the album), a fine vocalist and an engaging guitarist. The first few bars of the first song, “Beautiful” reaches right out and grabs you. Then the vocal drops in and just like that, he’s got you. There is a human being at the heart of this album, and his emotions are genuine and projected powerfully.

The album is a classy blend of good production, well thought out lyrics, snappy rhythms, quality vocals, excellent guitar playing and a liberal dose of Great Lakes heart. I liked it a lot, and I’m betting you will too.”

Thank you so much, John! Your effort is greatly appreciated.