Let’s Make a Difference Together!

Let’s Make a Difference Together!

It is my dream to teach children the value of living a creative life, and help them use music to express themselves in a positive way. Funding for the arts in public schools has been in decline for some time and I don’t want to see kids miss out on amazing learning opportunities because of it. Here’s where we can help each other out.

For every milestone we reach on this patreon page, I will work to schedule a songwriting workshop each month with a school in need absolutely free of charge to them! This means everyone gets equal opportunity, and budgets are not a barrier.

You get downloads of any album I’ve made or will make in the future, including the latest release “Somebody, Somewhere.” You will get access to a video library of lessons, new songs, and other resources as I create them. Becoming a patron means that you are directly supporting my creative work in a sustainable way so I can spend less time trying to sell music and more time writing and recording new music. You also get to help fund music in schools on an ongoing basis, and suggest where we hold the workshops. Each month there will be kids directly benefiting from your patronage.

Thanks friends,