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You Will Never Walk Alone is so well crafted and warmly produced that I almost forgot to review it the first time around. The underlying sentiment of the song is beautiful, valuable and important. The song has depth and is reflective in an honest and emotionally human sort of way. That meeting of the professional side of music making and the open, authentic side of being an artist has been really well captured. Tim Cheesebrow has written a great song and it’s highly likely that the rest of the Somebody, Somewhere album will follow suit.”
– Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman Review

“Tim Cheesebrow’s voice is both gentle and strong, vulnerable and confident in his album, Somebody, Somewhere, a delicately unassuming collection of songs which take their time and are a fine example of what can result when music is allowed to be molded carefully, crafted by hand, and guided by heart. This is a solid Americana/country-rock album.”
– The Ark of Music,

“Once you hear Tim Cheesebrow’s ‘You Will Never Walk Alone’, you will fall in love with his unique style of Country music! Nothing tops beautiful music like this!”
– the Ratings Game, online music review

“Tim Cheesebrow’s lyrics come straight from the heart, possessing a poetic quality to them as they unfurl with such a graceful style. Nothing is held back for Tim Cheesebrow creates a unique universe, one that positively teems with goodwill and tenderness.”
– Beach Sloth, online music reviewer

“Tim Cheesebrow is one to reckon with in terms of music. For one he has been delivering a unique blend of these genres for quite some time. In fact for 20 years and counting, he has been pairing together memorable melodies and meaningful lyrics together like no tomorrow that they work so well together it is uncanny at times when listening in.”
– NataliezWorld, online music review

“The songwriting is top notch, there is a good flow to the album and I really liked his voice….Cheesebrow certainly has a lot of talent in multiple areas and I look forward to hearing more. Recommended.”
– Divide and Conquer Music Review

“[Crooked Lines is] an extremely well-crafted album, part Americana, part country, heartfelt and worth repeated listening.”
– Dancing About Architecture, music review blog

“Crooked Lines is an affirmation of all that we can be. Great contemporary country music and songwriting with a bravely political & deeply human message you seldom hear in that realm.”
– Adam Levy (

“It’s hard to not be happy when you’re listening to Tim Cheesebrow–and easy to remember the things that matter most. “Home in the Heartland” is another wonderful collection with a great variety of heartfelt, authentic songs, and rich, tasteful production. Thanks again Tim!”
– Peter Mayer (”

“A critically acclaimed Minnesota favorite…”
– Northfield News

“”Sweet, melodic songs with an uplifting message. I enjoyed listening.”
– Liz Longley (

June 2012 – Victory Review Magazine – John C. McClure
“The album is a classy blend of good production, well thought out lyrics, snappy rhythms, quality vocals, excellent guitar playing and a liberal dose of Great Lakes heart. I liked it a lot, and I’m betting you will too.”

Oct. 11 2011 – St. Paul Examiner – Monica Millsap Rasmussen

“Cheesebrow uses an extensive musical background to compose soft melodies, allowing listeners to hone in on lyrics that, while personal, are also likely universal.”

“While it is traditional in this genre to tell stories of overcoming hardship, inspirational messages can be overdone. Cheesebrow is cautious to not overdo his enthusiasm for a better world. However, a critical listener may not understand the need to spur an audience into enlightenment so much in one album.

Then, one considers the title of this album. The Moments Between. Everyone has had those times in both happy and sad times: waiting to hear from a loved one, waiting for the warmth of the sun, waiting for an end to suffering, waiting for the start of a new life together with one you love. All of that waiting make up the title of this album. During the wait, we comfort ourselves with encouragement. Tim Cheesebrow is simply giving us a story on life, the good, the bad, and those moments in between.”


Tim often plays as a solo act, with over 3 hours of great original material.

For most stage shows, Tim is joined by the Nomads:
Mike Arturi – Drums
John Wright – Bass
Dan Neale – Guitar

If the occasion warrants a larger group he also has players standing by to add:
piano, vocals, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, pedal steel guitar, and organ.

Tim also plays in an acoustic duo with Joe Filipovich, doing a mixture of classic rock and 90’s hits.
His full band, Hot Dish, has been playing rock covers for 17 years. They are tight and energetic.
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