I Let My Dandelions Grow

It’s no big secret that I’m not so much a fan of doing yardwork, but alas it has to be done sometimes. It’s curious that I have a dislike for it though, because once I’m out doing it I enjoy it, and afterwards I feel good for having gotten it done. Anyways there is one thing that I really do enjoy about cutting the grass…it gives me about an hour to myself to just let my mind wander. No emails to answer, no phone calls, no TV, nobody to talk to, just a mindless task to occupy my hands and plenty of space for my imagination to roam. Occasionally on these little vacations from reality I have what I like to call “mower epiphanies.” Read More — I Let My Dandelions Grow

The practice of gratitude

You’d think that something as simple as saying “Thank you” would be a fairly easy task, wouldn’t you? Yeah, so did I.

As the weather warms, the sun begins to shine for a normal amount of hours and things begin to grow there is always this sense of abundance surrounding me. The trees used to be bare and now they carry so many life-giving leaves that they bend toward the Earth. The world used to be 90% white, 9% some shade of brown and 1% whatever color plastic was peeking through the snow: now we have colors upon colors. I noticed the same happens with our personal lives. During the winter months there seems to be an endless boredom and restlessness, once it’s nice out it seems like everyone wants to get together to visit, to grill, to work on the house, to meet new friends and say “see you later!” to old ones, etc. It’s a great time of the year and it really does make you feel like one of those old trees, bending under the weight of your life-sustaining blessings. In the spirit of all this abundance I tried to make a commitment to be more thankful. I’ll be honest, it met with limited success.
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Good Things are Happening

I just noticed that I hadn’t posted an update since January. It’s less of a reflection on my inattentive blogging and more an indicator of how much we’ve done since then…not much.

But now…
recording parts: done
editing: done
equalizing (EQ): done
mixing: working on it
mastering: there have been conversations
artwork: done!

Then, about 2 weeks ago something changed, maybe it was the weather, maybe it was all the new growth but for some reason this project got back underway.
In that time Sarah Schneemann had finished all the artwork for the album, Lucas had finished his semester at school, figured out the method by which we would EQ the kick drum, figured out how to tune the bass in the very few spots that had tuning issues and made a schedule to get this thing mixed, mastered and out the door in 5 weeks. Bevans and I worked on the website, the glory and majesty of which you are currently basking, and there have been many conversations about the CD release party. More to come on that as it develops.

The thing I want to focus on here is really the artwork though. Sarah had made many. many pieces in different styles that she felt reflected my music or that were grown from ideas in my lyrics. It was really hard to choose a style and direction from them because they were all so very good. In the end we chose the piece that had the most potential for use in a web environment. Sarah then went home with that direction and created all of the sketches, splats and things that you see here on the site.
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