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New Album Reviews

I recently got two reviews for Home in the Heartland from two of the nicest and most talented artists you’ll meet. Their kind words mean a lot to me. “It’s hard to not be happy when you’re listening to Tim Cheesebrow–and easy to remember the things that matter most. “Home in the Heartland” is another…
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Love Me Lonely – Jack Klatt

Jack Klatt’s CD just arrived in the mail. It came in a handwritten package, and those are always the best. I hadn’t heard of Jack prior to backing his crowdsourcing project. I was impressed by his campaign video and thought “Hey, $20 is worth taking a shot on this guy…let’s see what he does.” It…
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Six Strings of Peace and Sanity – Breanne Marie

“Breanne’s debut album is a work of courageous introspection, a work that reveals life unvarnished by typical social niceties that would otherwise conceal the pain of loved ones taken too soon. While it may have been a project for personal catharsis I think that many of us can find solace here too, even the simple…
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Another Review!

This great review comes from John C. McClure over at Victory Review magazine. This is a quote from the June 2012 issue…. “I have a warm place in my heart for people from the Great Lakes area of the country. One of my favorite songwriters in the world, Drew Nelson is from there, and just…
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