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Let’s Make a Difference Together!

It is my dream to teach children the value of living a creative life, and help them use music to express themselves in a positive way. Funding for the arts in public schools has been in decline for some time and I don’t want to see kids miss out on amazing learning opportunities because of…
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When I say ‘we’, I am talking, of course, about all the wonderful people that are supporting my album project. When I say ‘did it’ I’m talking about making the goal of $5,500 to record my second album. You may have heard me mention the project once or twice. Things really kicked into high gear…
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Guest on Composer Quest!!!

Recently I was invited to be a guest on the podcast ComposerQuest, produced by fellow St. John’s University graduate and new friend, Charlie McCarron! It was a real honor to be asked. Charlie and I talk about my songwriting process, there’s some background on the songs and a little diversion into sci-fi, then we talk…
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Here We Go!!!

So you know those songs I’ve been collecting in my online songbook for the past 18 months? Well it’s time to do something with them…like, record them at a studio or something. Since I am only one man, and cannot fund this massive project alone, I am asking you to help me get it done.…
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Can Playing Less Actually Be a Good Thing?

In a word…yes. I’ve had several discussions with musicians in the past few weeks about the nature of the music industry and our role as performers in making it a viable environment for the creation of new, quality music. The crux of these conversations revolved around the question of what we should be charging for…
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